rona shoes shoe selection guide
Your Rona safety shoes never let you down

Rona safety shoes uses %30 better material than the competition, meaning your footwear is more comfortable.

Where perfection meets creativity

Besides safety, these aesthetically designed shoes also provide maximum comfort for your feet to wear all day long. It’s embedded with a cushioned foot bed, combined with the breathable mesh lining, which helps you to feel soft and comfortable with each step without compromising your range of motion.


The advanced steel toe protection design gives protection from dangerous falling objects. It can also endure sharp or pointed objects and withstand brutal force from falling objects. With the steel toe are total comfort, protection, and support. The rubber edging and anti-rust paint make it durable and comfortable to wear.


The Kevlar puncture proof midsole gives protection from sharp objects. The flexible puncture-resistant Kevlar midsole helps for underfoot protection. The shoes meet safety standards of midsole that meet the needs of those who work in demanding environments.

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After receiving your order, if the product is not used and damaged, you can return it within 30 days without giving any reason.

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